Our Story

Our Story

RGS Tea was founded with a dream, to serve you the best tea of the world by making a difference. Our founder was born in a tea estate and decided to start the company after a spark changed the way he thought about tea. While travelling the back roads of Europe he realized that the Portuguese word for tea is 'cha' which is exactly how it is referred to as in Assam, India. Assam tea has had impact on history for over two hundred

The global tea trade was started in the early 1800's when Assam & India which was lead by the British East India Company started plantations in Assam. Although the tea industry is mature and a well established trade, we have a vision to be an active part of it. We are confident it is the same tea that was packed in the ships that lead to the Boston Tea Party movement a hundred years ago. Cha or Assam tea was the original 'British Tea' that the world enjoys even today.

We have made a serious commitment to become a socially responsible company. Our staff members and founders love elephants and we thought it would be a good idea to spread awareness with our product. We will be putting 10% of all profits to supporting wildlife. So with every cup of tea that you drink, you are actually helping preserve wildlife especially elephants. Sounds cliche, but its true. Tea estates in Assam have become shelters for elephants over the last few decades. Originally, the elephant population significantly declined with the deforestation of native lands to create the tea gardens during the late 1800's and early 1900's but miraculous, the elephant population acclimatized and made the tea gardens their home. Unfortunately due to rapid urbanization and lack of awareness their habitat is again under threat. We would like to step in and with the trade itself help the industry bring awareness among the planters, workers, residents and corporations. We currently try to work with growers that are sustainable. We believe being sustainable is critical and would love to see harmony between the hundred old tea industry save the wildlife it surrounds.

Hope you enjoy our tea and feel good while drinking it, we are trying to make a difference with every cup. The above picture is of an Elephant in the wild in Assam. We were elated we were able to capture the image as sightings at such a close distance is quite rare in the wild.

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