About Us

We are a wholly Canadian Company with its headquarters in Acton, Ontario. We ship our products globally and source our teas from some of the finest and most mature gardens of the world. We are changing a 200 year old industry and trying to make a difference along the way.

5 countries 1 product.

  • We have spent over 3 years in just researching and trying to create the perfect product for you. We have a sourcing office in Assam, at the Auction Center where we get to select the finest teas of the region and are able to bid on products while its fresh. Secondly we capture the flavour and ship the product to Canada, where its sorted curated and flavored before its packaged. We appreciate loose leaf teas, but also spent time in contemplating how to present a premium product that is convenient in its preparation as we want you to drink our tea everyday. The founder found the solution on a recent trip to Japan.  As a result we offer our premium loos leaf tea in premium tea bags.
  • We have given a lot of thought in creating our product and have traveled the world in creating the perfect product. We source different components from different regions of the world. All our curating & packaging is done in Canada. Germany, USA, China, India & Japan is involved in creating the perfect RGS cup for you.

Meet Us



Ryan is a young dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for Tea.Tea runs deep in his roots and he has started RGS Tea to link his old routes to develop a tea company that offers the finest tea from the exquisite gardens of Assam. Ryan was born in a tea estate in the foothills of the Himalayas in a British owned tea estate, around the finest tea gardens of the globe,in Assam. Ryan a son of an Advocate and the grandson of a pioneer Industrialist is deeply rooted in Assam and the Tea Industry

Professionally, Ryan is a Health Physicist in Canada, with a passion for physics, entrepreneurship and high end products. After completing multiple degrees and having worked for the top consulting firms in the world he has taken the path of entrepreneurship like his Grandfather. Having lived in multiple continents and in a quest to discover himself  he recently discovered his roots and went back to find where he was born. Having traveled numerous countries, he realized that Assamese Tea has had an influence globally since the 1820s. On a recent trip to Portugal he also realized that the Assamese word for Tea which is 'Cha' is also used to describe tea in Portuguese. That sparked the idea to create RGS TEA "To Provide Customers with the Best Assam Tea Directly". With many passions, Ryan loves to push boundaries, an avid sailplane pilot and an advanced scuba diver, he loves to explore new exotic destinations and is extremely passionate in everything he does.

RGS tea is  his newest  venture and of which he is most passionate about. Ryan truly believes in RGS Tea and is determined to make it global success and a household brand name. His network with producers and auctioneer is what offers RGS Tea a unique advantage. Ryan strongly believes in the exquisite tea he sources from gardens owned by nobility and is excited to serve his product s to you. RGS Tea is sourced  from some of the finest and oldest garden of Assam owned by Royalty. He dreams of a company that is sustainable and loves elephants. So 10% of all profits from the company goes to protecting the natural habitat of elephants near the tea gardens of Assam, which is the inspiration for the company's logo



Abu is a Software Engineer with a passion for Tea and the region of Assam. A Native of Assam he too believes in reinventing Assamese Tea.  After graduating from a prestigious University, Abu decided to join RGS TEA not only to serve the best Assam Tea directly to our clients worldwide, but he also believes in our goal to help save wildlife, especially elephants. Abu is a animal lover man, he sincerely believes in RGS Tea's  purpose & sustainability goals. He fears that if we do not take action now, his son may not be able to see wild elephants around Assam like we currently do. This is what drives him to make Royal Gardens a household name and is passionate in bringing his expertise in pHp, Java, html, et al. to help customers order our tea online efficiently. We are blessed to have him and are often flabbergasted by his problem solving ability & process flow management skills.