Sir W. McKercher's Process

In the early 1930's Sir William McKercher invented the Cut, Twist and Curl process of producing black tea. Sir McKercher invented the process in Assam, while working in the Amgoorie estate of Assam. The term is commonly referred to as CTC. After the plucking, sorting and withering process our classic black tea undergoes the McKercher process of cut, twist and curl process. The leaves after its handpicked is transferred to through a series of cylindrical rollers and small tear processes that breaks the tea leaves into small pieces. As shown in our plant picture here, RGS tea leaves goes through this method but with our own innovation . Orthodox Tea or our loose leaf large teas do not go through this process. We have a wide variety of methods in creating the perfect cup of tea for you. The tea leaves we hand select and our unique process ensures you get the best and most fresh tea cup. We have invested heavily and are excited to provide you the best black tea (CTC) of the world.

CTC is extremely popular in UK, Ireland, South East Asia, India and the Middle East. After our tea goes through this process we capture the flavour and bring the tea to Canada where its curated further and packed in pyramidal tea bags.

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